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6 servings of fruits and vegetables. That’s the amount of fruits and vegetables
your body needs every single day, along with a balanced diet, to get the
vitamins and minerals it needs to stay healthy and well-nourished. Most people
rarely, if ever, live up to that daily recommendation. And that’s why supplements
have become extremely popular around the world. — It’s simply not convenient
to eat fruits and vegetables constantly. But if you like to keep your diet natural
what do you do?

From ancient times people have been collecting herbs and plants from mountain
regions that gave them strength, energy, health, and chased away illnesses.
They attributed these plants’ healing powers to magical properties.
Today we use those same plants and herbs as supplements to our diet to keep
ourselves healthy. We might not believe the myths of magical powers anymore.
But when you see what the right herbal extractions, vitamins, and minerals can
do to your skin, energy level, and body weight. Or the glow of health they can
give you. It’s hard not to see them as being a little magical…

Sure, we have scientific research telling us why certain vitamins and herbal parts
will ‘rejuvenate the youthful glow of your skin’ or get you ‘energized’ to get
through your day much more efficiently than you used to. And why not all
plants, herbs, vitamins, etc., does the same to all people or works the same
every time. But it’s nonetheless the same herbal ingredients that we have been
using for thousands of years. The ancients were on to something. They discovered what
nature’s own resources could do for their health. And to this
day natural diets and nutritional supplements are still the most efficient at
keeping us healthy and feeling well.

The ancients already knew there was something on those mountains that was

We at Amonto believe that natural is better than chemical supplements. After all
our bodies have evolved through hundreds of thousands of years to digest and
absorb nutrients from plants found in nature — not pills!

That does not mean that we cannot refine what we find in nature and deliver it in
more efficient forms. Having to climb a mountain peak to get to a fresh herb is
not exactly practical on a day-to-day basis. In fact, that’s exactly what we do.
We bring the best natural resources that nature has to offer to you. But we also
embrace modern scientific knowledge, research and techniques to put it in a
more convenient form for you. — You could say that we climb the mountain
peak so you don’t have to.

When you take Amonto Natural Supplements you enjoy the same herbs and
plants that helped the ancients stay healthy. Combined with modern scientific
knowledge that guarantees that you will get the optimal amounts and doses
every day.

Processed foods and long-distance transported ingredients have made nutrient
depleted diets a major health issue. Even those who put work into keeping a
healthy natural diet cannot always know where their ingredients come from, how
long they have been transported, etc.

That’s why we recommend that you supplement a healthy diet with
Amonto Natural Dietary Supplements to make sure that your body has
what it needs to stay healthy every day.

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